The opening segment of live-action documentary 'Only Sometimes a God', exploring Theyyam, a popular ritual form of Kerala, India. 

A minimalistic cutout-cum-puppetry animation explored along the lines of PaavaiKoothu or Tholpaavai Koothu.

Frames from the film
Notes from the Director Prateek Prajosh :
ONLY SOMETIMES A GOD is an exploration of an age old (300 years) ritual art form called THEYYAM, performed in southern India. In a country with rich and varied cultural diversity, this colourful art form is unique due to the religious sanctity attached to it, in which a performer transforms himself into 'GOD' and claims to possess godly powers while believers flock in large numbers to seek blessings from them. In a land where caste-ism has a strong influence on the culture and traditional beliefs, this documentary is an attempt to get a holistic perspective on the truth behind possession and find its relevance in today's society.
Watch the full documentary here.

Films from before Studio ChitraKoothu was born! These works were done when Jagannath Radhakrishnan was a co-founder of C.ment studios

Screenplay and Animation by  Jagannath Radharkrishnan
Worked for C.ment Studios
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