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alternate title: Perpetual Cycle of Expectations & Disappointments
Amidst keeping up with his time-bound competitive professional drills, a cutthroat entrepreneur gets into an obsessive drive on a hot afternoon to find answers for the corporal punishment met upon his daughter.
Was part of the 'The Lift Off Sessions 2020' & 'First-time Filmmaker Sessions2020'

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A Studio Chitrakoothu Production
CAST: Priyachandran Perayil, Maya Anjolie, Nikhila Kesavan, Vijay Singh, Ramu, Binshad, Makhbool Mohammad
Voice Artists: Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Nishok Kumar.S, Aithihya Ashok Kumar, Jesse Sanchez, Jagannath Radhakrishnan
Director of Photography: Muneer Babu Kottakal
Assistant Cinematographers: Binshad and Makhbool Mohammad
Music: Abhijith Ramaswami
Sound Design and Mix: Nishok Kumar. S
Poster Designs, Art, Second Assistant Director-cum-Production Manager: Aithihya Ashok Kumar
First Assistant Director: Vivette Kajal
Editor: Prem R. George
Writing and Direction: Jagannath Radhakrishnan
Final Film
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